Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Edited to add: CAPTIONS!

At Concert on the Square in Madison.

Yummy, brats are good!

Very interested in the Brewer game.

Clare at her Baptism, with Godmother Aunt Katie.

Happy Clare in her Baptismal gown.

With Aunt Katie - Uncle Robby is there, too.

Clare is very excited to be at her first zoo.

Clare staring in dismay at the empty ice cream cup. "But I didn't get any!"
Sporting her Gopher's shirt during her first trip to the Minnesota State Fair.

With Daddy at the Fair. She did pretty well at the Fair - at least until the bus ride home.  Then she was pretty mad.


  1. Such a happy girl! Hey, just curious, is that pink dress one I lent to you? Either way, it's a great color on you!!

  2. Great photos! And you're wearing PINK! It looks perfect on you.

  3. CMS, yes, that is your dress! I also wore it to a wedding right before Clare was born. All of your maternity things have come in very handy. :)