Monday, January 23, 2017

The Sunshine State, Part 2

We spent a week in early January in Florida. It was nice. It was very nice. Sitting in the warm sun and not having anywhere particular to be is, to me, the perfect kind of vacation. We went to the same house we stayed in last year. This year, it was the four of us, my parents, and my Uncle John and Aunt Conchita, who live in Memphis. The kids were immediately attached to their great aunt and uncle, which was nice. Also nice: having six adults to two kids. A good ratio. We swam in the pool every day, except one, when it was rainy and "cold." We ate dinner outside at a pizza place, complete with many bottles of wine. We went to Sanibel Island and took a boat trip. We learned about the native birds and fish and dolphins. I went hiking, and the kids and Ben and my dad went canoeing in Lover's Key. We sat around. We had dueling dinner parties, again. Clare came up with the theme: Disney Princesses. We made crowns. We watched football. We ate lots of Key Lime pie. We visited a historical site on Fort Myers Beach - the Mound House. Some us drank gin and tonics on the beach (sorry I ditched you with the kids, Ben). We went to the beach. I wish we were still there.


  1. Oh jealousy! What an amazing family tradition. It looks so lovely there.

  2. The sun! The sand! The ocean! Dolphins! The pool! Princess crowns! Pie! Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. Also? I've been on a G&T kick for the past year. (Sorry, Captain Diet.) I miss you!