Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Last Day (Delayed)

I am a little late with these, but here they are. First day and last day of pre-K.

She definitely looks older, doesn't she? She did a lot of complaining about going to school the last few months of the year, but when she got home she always seemed happy and had a lot to tell me about her day. I am hoping she will be excited for kindergarten in the fall. She will have the same teacher and half the same kids in her class, so I am also hoping the transition is a smooth one.

She had her 5-year well-check today. She is in the 66th percentile for height (43 inches) and the 59th percentile for weight.

Clare had her birthday party with her friends on Saturday. She even invited her two best friends from school. The kids had a blast in the sprinkler, and Clare was pretty excited about her hot pink glittery birthday cake.
Note my lovely handiwork after the bakery misspelled Clare.

Oh, and she lost another tooth on Friday night. It was a big week for Clare.

On Sunday we had some time at home to recover from birthday/lost teeth/last day of school week. Perfect for some Daddy-Daughter Lego time.

When I mentioned she could take a break if she didn't feel like finishing the whole Imperial Troop Transport right then, she and Ben both looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently you do not take breaks while doing a Lego construction. I am glad they have this in common.

And now on to summer break! The first day was hard. Today was much better. It is time for me to break out last summer's rule, which was to relax. RELAX.


  1. Clare is a natural beauty, just like her mama. She looks so grown-up in that second-to-last photo! Ben got a Lego set for his birthday, and Adam had finished putting it together before Ben was done opening gifts. (Ben isn't as into Legos as his brother, so it was ok.)

  2. She looks so big! I think she'll LOVE Kindergarten.

    And be better, bakery. COME ON.