Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Day of Preschool


She did great. I barely slept last night (partly because of nerves, and partly because of a sick baby), but when I woke her up she seemed refreshed and happy to get ready for school. When we got there, she charged into the building like she owned the place, without so much as a backwards glance at me. I didn't even get a chance to give her a hug. When I picked her up, though, she came running into my arms. We went out to lunch (her pick: Noodles and Company) to celebrate. She told me all about her day, which included art projects, Spanish class, time on the playground and the all important snack. (Cheese crackers.)

I think this preschool thing is going to work out just fine.

Yesterday, I was not so sure anything was going to work out fine. Christopher woke up with a fever of 102.5 and was obviously sick. He was not himself at all. While at the doctor to check for a possible ear infection, Clare received her flu mist and acted as though her arms were being cut off. I had to pin her down while Christopher screamed in the arms of the nurse that was brought in to assist us. Later, Clare fell flat on her face, resulting in a bloody nose and lots and lots of crying. (I was worried she would look pretty gruesome for her first day of school picture, but her nose doesn't look too bad - just some slight bruising.) Dealing with all of this on top of some projects and housework I needed to do, it was a day. 

And Christopher. The poor baby has six (!) teeth coming in right now. I don't think that caused his fever (teething can cause fevers, but they are not usually that high). He seems much better today, but we had to miss our first day at ECFE. We went shopping instead. I don't think I should make a habit of this, but it was nice having just one child along for errands. Especially one that I can contain in a stroller.

We are going up north this weekend. I am looking forward to breathing some fresh, crisp air and celebrating Clare's successful first week at preschool. Assuming all goes well on Thursday. I think it will.

This silly face had Christopher in hysterics. 


  1. Yay for Clare! What a cute outfit. And I'm glad Christopher is feeling better. :)

  2. First off, Monday sounds awful. Congratulations for keeping your #$%* together in the midst of chaos.

    Second, I'm SO GLAD to hear that Clare likes preschool!! I was thinking of you on Tuesday & was going to send a text, but then figured I'd wait to get the full expanded report on here. :)

    Have fun this weekend. It's so nice to get away from your regular routine (and the same scenery), isn't it?! I look forward to seeing photos the next time you update!!!