Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Two Months

Does the fact that I sobbed like a baby while watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special mean I am still hormonal? I hope so.

Christopher is two months old. When Clare was two months old, I wrote, "How did two months go by already??" I feel like Christopher has been here for two years. I also wrote this: "Clare slept through the night for the first time on July 27. She has since done that one other time, so it is hardly routine. Still, she generally only gets up once a night." Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha. I didn't know how good I had it. Christopher is not doing this. I thought bigger babies were supposed to sleep better, but apparently Christopher is a bigger baby because he eats all the damn time. He is the opposite of his sister - instead of being long and lean he is short and husky. (The doctor is predicting he'll make it to at least 6 feet, though.) He is currently 14 pounds.

Christopher celebrated his first Thanksgiving at Ben's parents' house, and then we traveled to Evansville to see my family, including my sister-in-law's parents who were visiting from England. The travel messed with Christopher's sleep "schedule," and I have not slept for more than two hours in a row since then. But enough about sleep. It is all I think or talk about and I am sick of it. Let's talk about wine instead! I got to have two full glasses of wine on Friday night. It was heavenly. Also heavenly: the fact that there were 10 adults to 2 kids, so I got lots of breaks, except when my services as the dairy bar were requested. We also visited my grandparents in La Crosse. I am so happy they got to meet Christopher, and I know they were happy to meet him. (And to see Clare, and she didn't disappoint - she was as entertaining as ever.)

Christopher is turning into quite the cutey pie, if I do say so myself. He holds his head up, except when he forgets and smashes his face into my shoulder. Then he cries. He is smiling a lot more, and becoming more and more alert every day. His sister can entertain him by laying with him under his floor gym and shaking the toys around. He loves it.

There is not much else to say about him right now: he eats, poops (sometimes, but that is an issue I am sure no one really wants to read about), sleeps (sometimes) and cries.

I have, of course, taken thousands of pictures this month. Here are a few of the holiday, and Christopher meeting and greeting with various family members.

On Thanksgiving Day.
With Uncle Robby. How much does Christopher look like Ben in this picture?

Cuddling with Meema Jo.

Meeting Ruth for the first time.
Decorating Meema Jo's tree.
Getting ready to take some family photos. Clare was wearing dress up clothes, and did not want to take them off. Christopher is in his second outfit of the day, after he destroyed the one I'd carefully selected for the pictures with one epic bowel movement.

Meeting Great Grandpa Bob.
With Great Grandma Clara.


Brother and sister.


  1. That last picture of Clare and Christopher might be the cutest thing that ever happened :-) And I'm sorry you aren't getting much sleep - makes me tired just thinking about it... It was great to see you all though (I know my parents loved it too, you could probably tell by how frequently my mam was cuddling Christopher!) - looking forward to seeing you again in a little while!

  2. Oh, I totally understand the every two hour thing. Been there. I hope he gives you a break, if even for one night, fairly soon.

    It's a good thing they start smiling around this time because it starts to make up for their grouchiness/not sleeping. ;)

    He's just darling, though. Those cheeks are ridiculous. And Clare seems so happy too. (And smiling in his car seat even if he has some reflux? That's awesome. Maisy hated that thing for four months of life.)

  3. The picture of Christopher with your grandma Clara is the best thing ever! So precious :) Hang in there momma, soon you'll feel like more than just a dairy bar. Sending lots of love and hugs your way!! xoxo

  4. Fabulous pics Emily. I especially love the one of Christopher and your Grandma...precious. You will get sleep...five or so years will fly by. Missing you and I'm so happy to see you and your beautiful family. :0) Have a wonder holidays!