Wednesday, February 29, 2012

House Cleaning

My house is a disaster. There, I said. I am only working three days a week, which you would think would mean I could stay on top of the laundry, dishes, and cleaning of the bathrooms. I cannot. Each weekend, I frantically tidy up, maybe clean a toilet or two, and try to get the laundry put away. By the next day, it once again looks like a tornado went through the place. A tornado named Clare. (They should really name tornados after people like they do with hurricanes. Or maybe not.) Anyway, it is not necessarily Clare making the mess, although she does like to scatter her toys all over the floor, but she is the reason that I cannot get anything done. When I first asked for my adjusted schedule at work, I thought, “How perfect! Two days during the week to run errands, do chores, and hang out with Clare. Then we can just spend the weekends doing things as a family.” HA! HAHAHAHA! How na├»ve I was. And now that Clare is crawling, she is less happy being corralled in her crib or jumperoo, although she will bounce in that thing for a little while. And naps! These should be the time when I can get things down around the house. But no. For many weeks, every time I would put Clare down for a nap she would immediately wake up. I started letting her sleep on me, which allowed me to catch up on the plethora of shows recorded on my TiVo, but did not allow for much cleaning. This week I put her down in her crib and she stayed asleep – for about 30 minutes. Then she was up, summoning me to her once again.

All of this STUFF is stressing me out. I think I need a bigger house, one where all of Clare’s toys can be in one room, and we can have toy-free room, too. Oh, who I am kidding. If I had a bigger place I would just fill it with more stuff! It is probably time for one of my biannual cleaning binges, where I fill several bags for Goodwill (that then sit in the trunk of my car for months, much to my husband’s dismay.)

Does anyone have any advice on how to keep on top of the cleaning situation? Or do I just need to let it go and not worry about it until Clare starts school?

Also: yes, I could have been cleaning rather than spending time writing this post. Maybe that is part of the problem - I'd rather write (or read, or watch TV, or eat) than clean.

Mess! And cat.


  1. We are the same, Em. I would rather do all those things than clean, too. And I have my biannual Goodwill binges too, which feel so great. But that's OK. Really. The things that need to get done - grocery shopping, laundry, dishes - get done and the rest you just have to let go, I think. Enjoy your daughter.

    And I promise napping will get better. I thought the 30-minute naps would kill me dead, but just when I couldn't take it anymore, he bunched those together and slept for a couple hours.

  2. At least your husband didn't tell you that your porch looks like something out of an episode of Hoarders! (Thanks, Aaron. That's what happens when you live in a little house and have ZERO storage space!) My advice is similar to A's. Do what you can. There will always be messes to clean up. Or let them help you (doing the dishes with Adam or Ben's "help" takes twice as long but they have so much fun doing it, plus we get to hang out together, that it's worth the extra time it takes!) As far as the "deep" cleaning (scrubbing the bathtubs and floors, etc.) that only happens an hour or two before company comes over - and then I'm racing around the house like a crazy person. "Speed" cleaning is a good workout!

  3. Remember there's a difference between clutter, and dirt. Keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean, and don't sweat over the rest of it that much. And clean those as you go.

    As for clutter, it helps having nice baskets you can through everything in. Instant way to get things decluttered with not that much work.

    A bigger place would let you have a room just for Clare's things, that would help.

  4. Oh, man, I HEAR you, sister! I have a two-month old. I wrote a short list with chores to do each day. Monday is for vacuuming and dusting, that's it for the day. If it doesn't got done completely we worry about it next Monday. And one thing each day all week. I can't tell you how Kuching of a relief it is to have one thing in mind to have to do that day, knowing there are other days for the moping, bathrooms, etc.

    And then, it gives you a chance to enjoy the baby a little, which is important, too!

    Every day is laundry day. Good gravy!