Monday, March 21, 2011

Ben's Family Shower

My mother-in-law and Ben's aunt hosted a very nice shower with Ben's side of the family. We had fun looking at old family pictures and talking about what Ben was like as a baby. (It turns out he was pretty good. Hopefully our baby will inherit some of his laid back ways, instead of my anxiety.) My mother-in-law also had everyone write down parenting tips on notecards. I thought I would list them here, because I am bound to lose the notecards. I have been in a fit of cleaning the baby's room, including throwing things away. For about an hour one night last week we thought our passports had gone out with the trash. Just when I was ready to call the federal government and let them know that I am loser, I remembered where they were: inside a travel wallet, which was stuffed inside a Sephora shopping bag, which was stuffed in the back of a closet. You know, where everyone stores their passports. ANYWAY...on to the advice from the women in Ben's family:

1. It is okay to let the baby cry for a minute while you go to the bathroom.

2. Don't forget your husband.

3. Keep clothing light in the summer.

4. Get a walker chair - babies love them.

5. Call your sister to come down and babysit. (My sister actually wrote this, and I am holding her to it.)

6. Make Ben watch the baby and call your sister to go out for a cocktail. (This sounds like and even better plan.)

7. Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

8. Enjoy every minute - write down all the memorable moments and set aside some time to baby yourself and your husband

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